SMS based advertising displaying system project aim is to develop a method where advertising agencies can display advertisements by sending messages from mobile devices. 


Purpose of this application is to provide a solution for advertising agency to manage a effective way of advertising displaying without any manual work. From any location using a SMS they can communicate with LCD screen and display ads on screen.


SMS Based Advertising Displaying System

SMS Based Advertising Displaying System


This embedded based application is developed to provide a minimum cost based advertising displaying system with remote controlling from any location. In this project we are using GSM technology and SMS based services with micro controller and mobile device. At present mobile devices are used in all types of services with have all embedded software and hardware components to send messages and manage multimedia data.

This application will have sender and receiver where sender will be mobile which will use SMS services and send data from mobile network. Whereas at receiver end we are using GSM modem combined with LCD screen. When user send advertisement in given format message will receive by GSM modem and display on LCD screen. Message communication and how to  display data is maintained by controller and controller of all hardware devices used in application is managed by micro controller.


  1. Microcontroller (AT89S52)
  2. LCD Display (20X 4  lines)
  3. Max 232
  4. GSM modem
  5. Power supply


  1. Kiel U vision
  2. Express PCB
  3. ISP


Using this new way of advertisement display manual work will be reduced and agencies can access screens from any location and update new advertising in short time.