Aim of Temperature monitoring and controlling for industries using AT89S52 micro controller is to control variations in heat for different applications used in industries like furnaces,


Purpose of this project is to provide secure way of processing without any problems which are caused due to temperature variations in different applications inside a industry.

Block Diagram:


Temperature Monitoring and Controlling for Industries

Temperature Monitoring and Controlling for Industries

Background Overview:

Industries mostly work for many hours to increase output and deliver in given time. Due to this continuous work many applications will work for hours like ovens, which will cause temperature variation due to this there are chances of security issues. In existing system there is no specific method to monitory temperature variations in different application and take actions.


In present system we are using LM35 temperature sensors to detect live temperature values and send details to micro controller through ADC controller. This temperature details are sent to micro controller which will display live temperature details on LCD screen. There are three temperature controllers for increasing, decreasing or set swith option to control devices through micro controller. Micro controller is connected to relay and other devices to control those devices .

In this driver transistor is connected to relay driver for giving required volts and current to relay which is not provided by micro controller. Relays are used to control any appliances to switch on or off.


This application is useful for any industries to monitor temperature for many appliances and take decision to control devices. 

Hardware components:

Temperature sensor LM35

ADC controller

AT89S52 micro controller

LCD display

LED indicator

Contrast control


Transistor Driver circuit