Aim of time based automatic street light controlling system is to provide solution for power saving where street lights are switched on and off based on lighting and timings.


Our purpose of developing this project is to use RTC and LDR technologies integrated with microcontroller and take decision without interference of human beings and controlling street lights based on availability of light mainly day or night.




Timing Based Automatic Street Light Controlling System

Timing Based Automatic Street Light Controlling System




With availability of new technology and hardware components most of the woks are integrated with latest technology and reducing work of human beings in controlling system. In the field of electronics we can see lot of advancement with good performance in different fields and saving energy and manual work for human beings.

Main goal of time based street light controlling system is control switching procedure based on lighting availability using RTC and LDR. Based on availability of light switching will work. If there is light lights will off if light is dim switch will on. This application allows departments to manage street lights effectively and save energy without involvement of humans. This will make total system automated.

In this project we are using RTC real time clock which is used to handle accurate time and day calculation. Based on output of of clock decision about when to switch on and off is taken by micro controller. RTC and other components are connected to micro controller based on input form them decision is taken and output is given by micro controller to other devices.  In this we will I2C protocol for communication between RTC and micro controller.  In this we are using LDR sensor which are light dependent sensors using these sensors we can control lighting with commands of ON and OFF.


  • Microcontroller(AT89S52)
  • Power supply
  • RTC
  • LDR
  • Street Lights


  • Keil
  • Embedded C
  • Express PCB 


  • Used in street light applications
  • Used in Domestic applications.


This application is useful for controlling lights and saving powers automatically.