Main objective of token verification system for metro trains is to provide automatic ticket verification at metro entrance to open and close door using RFID technology.       


Purpose of this system is to remove manual method of ticket verification and introduce automatic door open and close system by verifying user ticket using RFID.



Token Verification System for Metro Trains

Token Verification System for Metro Trains


In present transport system metros are playing important role  because of time saving and fast transportation. In order to increase security and fast way of processing data new technology are introduced like RFID , Electronic Card..etc.

When user takes tickets at station he will be provided with tokens which are part of RFID tags which are useful for multipurpose while traveling on metro. User can use these tokens for both verification purpose, ticket checking, door opening and closing, knowing about present station.

This application consist of two sections one is RFID tag and other RFID receiver. RFID tags are given to user at the time of taking tickets. RFID readers are placed at entrance of ticket verification, entrance of train and inside train. At entrance tag can be used for verification at train entrance it can be used for opening door and inside train it can be used for knowing train location. LCD screens are provided in side trains to display present station and user final station.

In this project RFID receive will take data and process to  microcontroller after that information of user and other details are processed to different hardware units and perform operations.


  1. Embedded C
  2. Keil µvision
  3. Flash magic or ISP
  4. Express PCB


  1. Microcontroller
  2. Power supply
  3. RFID reader
  4. RFID tags
  5. Engine motor
  6. Start / stop switches
  7. LCD display (16*2)
  8. MAX 232 


This project is helpful in verifying and provides security for users data in short time without any user interference.