Vehicle ON and OFF Using GSM and SMS service project aim is to provide a automated system for cars ignition where we can send messages with password and perform ON or OFF for IGNITION.


Purpose of this project is to remove process of key based starting system for cars. Using this system we are using GSM technology and SMS services for switching Ignition to ON and OFF.


Vehicle ON and OFF Using GSM and SMS Service

Vehicle ON and OFF Using GSM and SMS Service


With the availability of new technology each system is moving towards automation. Most of the automation works are seen in automobile industry.  Because of less manual work and fast decision making and user friendly these systems are getting popular. This in system a new automation method in automobile sector is proposed.

This embedded application works on centralised microcontroller which is connected to multiple hardware components and communication systems. User will have mobile device which is connected to GSM modem which can send and receive messages. When user send message with password then receiver who is in car can receive message and respective operations is performed.  Message will consist of ON or OFF feature which will be sent to microcontroller. Controller will take decision and set engine to ON or OFF.


  • Micro-controller(AT89S52)
  • Battery
  • Ignition switch
  • Motor Driver
  • Motors
  • GSM Module


  • Keil µvision
  • Express PCB
  • ISP


Using this system we can operate ignition system through SMS service. This will make existing system in to automated system.