The main aim of the project is to guide the disable persons for basic needs like tea, tiffin, and food It will give information to persons what he needs with voice.


          Handicapped persons are not able to move anywhere at just they have to press switch one switch for the tea one switch for the tiffin and another one for food. When feels insecure he can press one more button for the emergency that will give another sound. In this project, we use switches to microcontroller give voice announcement.  That announcement will come from the APR9600 playback module. In that, we can store the data with voice, and we can get them from the loud speaker which is we stored. The entire project we do with 8051 microcontrollers, with four switches as for the switch the playback will give output.

voice based



Micro controller        :           AT89x series

Crystal                     :           11.0592 MHz



Power supply

Transformer                 :           12V step down

Filter                            :           1000uf/25V

Voltage Regulator       :           7805, 7812



Keil IDE

UC flash