Project titled wireless robot control system for industries using zigbee technology is designed to take risk operations that to be performed where humans cannot handle problem.

Existing system:

In Existing System Industries Use To Have Alarm Systems And Security Aleart Systems Which Will Inform authorities About Any Issues But There Was Manual System To Solve This Problem User Should Reach Location To Know About Problem This May Cause Serious Problems.

Proposed system:

In proposed system we are using automation method where robot will be used in place of humans. User can control robot and perform operations like video display on remote computer and user can take action to solve problem. This method will solve problem like saving life’s. 


This Robot Works On Both Transmitter And Receiver Modules Using Zigbee Technologies. Transmitter Can Send Signals Which Are Received From Micro Controller. These Two Devices Are Integragted On Either Side Of Application.

Remote controlled robot will use PC as remote access were user can get signals from zigbee receiver and take action to control robot using arrow keys.  Robot is connected with hardware components assembled to form a arm with wheels which will have microcontroller programmed with embedded c coding with logic of movement. When user send signals for left side  movement data is coded to transmit from tx and receive at tx and send signals to controller and based on these signals robot movement is controlled.  These commands are predefined at the time of coding. 


Embedded ‘C’

RIDE to write code

ISP to burn the chip


At89s52 based our own developed board

Power Supply

Zigbee modules

Robot platform.



Wireless Robot Control System for Industries using ZIGBEE

Wireless Robot Control System for Industries using ZIGBEE