A competitive study of cryptography project is a major project which uses cryptography and encryption techniques using block cipher.  This project is developed in java programming language. 

A Competitive Study of CryptographyA Competitive Study of CryptographyA Competitive Study of Cryptography

Existing System:

  • At present there are many encryption techniques which are used for providing security for users but most of them are facing different security issues mainly when encryption key can be modified or used by unauthorized users and modified in given life cycle.
  • Key management is important task while using encryption over block chipper. Security for public key is also important which is explained below.
  • In existing system difficulties in managing keys is not explained and encryption key management is addressed.
  •  Key management needs a proper recommendation system which is not established in this system.
  • There is no clear understanding about key management and issues caused by decision making in key management. 


Proposed System:

  • Secured and efficient cryptography techniques are proposed to analyze and compare available encryption algorithms for reducing issues in existing system and improving security during encryption process.
  • In this project we use cryptography system in the block chipper which will manage keys randomly.
  • While sharing secured information we use keys which will work to generate secured content and manage based on key management techniques.
  • Consistent key management is proposed using this system which will provide public safety.
  • This new method will reduce issues in loading, saving and dissemination, remove keys related problems and perform encryption effectively. 

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