Advanced Hospital Management System Project in Java is useful to the people who are far away from the hospitals and the patients can get treatment when the doctor not available in hospital also. This system will be helpful to the people who are busy with their professional work. Because, they can get doctor suggestions through online and can share their problems with doctor. The self-diagnosis feature helps the patient for taking medicine with out consulting doctor. But, it can provide treatment up to some diseases that means rectifiable diseases with out doctor suggestion with some dosage of tablets.

Hospital Management System Project

Advanced Hospital Management System Users:

                        a) Doctor

                        b) Patient

                        c) Hospital Management

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Functional and Non-Functional Requirements:

  1. Patients condition will be checked by self diagnosis. Based on the generated report we can decide it as adverse or normal condition.
  2. If patient condition is normal it suggests the appropriate medicine by using heuristic search technique. It will take symptoms as input for suggesting medicine. The local search algorithm searches for nearer intensity value in the database.
  3. If patient condition is critical it suggests the appropriate specialists. The generated result report will forward to the specialized doctor.
  4. Collection of different symptoms for normal disease. normal disease means rectifiable with some dose of tablets.
  5. Maintaining the symptoms database from the patients. The maximum occurred symptoms will gather from patients.
  6. Calculate the percentage of sickness based on the symptoms. This will be calculated based on the user option choosing.
  7. Find out the intensity level based on percentage of sickness. This will be calculated by summing the all symptoms intensities.
  8. Based on intensity level it suggests the appropriate medicine/physician by searching in database.
  9. Collection appropriate medicines for each disease with dosage  .
  10. 10.Maintaining database for  the hospital details.
  11. It settle patient bill before discharging from hospital by considering doctor fee, room charges, medical charges.
  12. Verification of the database by senior doctor.
  13. Patient bill will taken in the form of printout.   

Download Advanced Hospital Management System Project Source Code in Java.