The software package “ Airline Reservation System Project in java ” provides convenient online uploading the report from executive and viewing that report by the managing director in an online fashion.

Airline Reservation System Project in Java

 To input the data in a highly validated manner and generating the different reports , this involves complex process that was being done on based manner. 

 This package is designed and developed in a compact manner , which is ready to meet the users specification and to serve them in an effective as well as in an enhanced manner . The actual problem has been observed with keen interest and it has been defined and analyzed in such a way that it never causes choice to the user.  More ever the limitation that has been prevailing in the existing system had been overcome to suit the need of the user . 

High precision and care has been taken to design the data base , input forms an output reports since they should be given due importance which could otherwise to serious consequences thus affecting the whole system . The system thus developed has been implemented successfully which has been performed to scrutinized  the validation of each data and errors were spotted out and then finally cleared in a sophisticated manner . 

The added feature of this system is that it has been provided with many provisions for future enhancement in order to maintain the system in such a way that the future requirement of the user could also be satisfied and upgraded.

Airline Reservation System Project Modules:

1>    Fares

2>    Inventory

3>    Enquiry

4>    Reservations

  The Airline Reservation system has the following Modules: 

1>    User registration module: 

                This module is helpful for the registration of the new customer. 

2>    Login module: 

                This module performs the login of the registered customer. In this module Customer-id and password is verified. 

3>    Reservation module: 

     This module performs the reservation of the ticket to the registered module.   

4>    Cancellation module: 

                  This module performs the cancellation of the reserved ticket.       

Download Airline Reservation Management System Project in Java source code, project report, dfd, database design.