In any network communication system, QOS of service is a important factor where packets should be managed efficiently in order to increase throughput and satisfy the quality of service Resource allocation algorithms are developed in this project we use OFDMA which supports Real-time and best services at a same time in a wireless communication channel.

The proposed set of rules objectives at maximizing machine throughput at the same time as enjoyable best of service (QoS) requirements of the rt and be offerings. We take styles of qos requirements into consideration.

One is the desired average transmission price for each rt and is Offerings. The opposite is the tolerable common absolute deviation of Transmission charge (aadtr) only for the rt services, which is used To govern the fluctuation in transmission charges and to restrict the rt Packet delay to a mild level.

We formulate the optimization hassle representing the aid allocation underneath consideration and clear up it by the use of the dual optimization approach and the projection stochastic subgradient method.

Results for this developed algorithm shows that it will meet the quality of service with high output compare to the existing method. This method outperforms the existing modified largest weighted delay first algorithm.


 1.    Networking Module.

2.    Real time & Best Effort module.

3.    Resource allocation Module.

4.    Graphical Module.

5.    Multimedia Service Module

Proposed System:

The proposed algorithm aims at maximizing system throughput while enjoyable quality of service (qos) necessities of the rt and be offerings. We take two varieties of QoS necessities under consideration. One is the required average transmission rate for each rt and is services. the alternative is the tolerable average absolute deviation of the transmission rate (aadtr) just for the rt offerings, that is used to manipulate the fluctuation in transmission prices and to restrict the rt packet postpone to a mild degree.

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