ATM Reporting system for availability and transactions project works on client and server model by using web technologies.  For reporting and updating all available atm machines and transactions details we need a system which can be managed by managers.  This application mainly consists of atm availability , transaction types working and non working atm’s average withdraw amounts.

ATM Reporting System

ATM Reporting System Software Used:

 ATM reporting system is developed on java programming language using servlets and JSP technologies. For database Oracle 8I is used.

 Modules Overview:

                  ATM Availability: In this modules manager can check available atm information by selecting area and system id.  Results are shown in graphical format with down time and uptime.

Transactions types and volume: Using this module manager can know usage of  atms using pi charts. From the list of available atms we can know how many atms are in transaction status and idle status.  Reports are shown as in use and not in use. 

 Use and Not in User Transactions:  User can select area and select area code and system type and get detailed information of how many atms are in use status and not in use status. Using this information manager can take respective steps to resolve issues.  Report shows not on use and on use graphs  in red and green color.

Average With Drawl Amount:   Using this module manager can analyze what is the average amount user are withdrawing from each atm. In order to see these results pi chart is displayed with balance amount and withdrawal amount.

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