Audio Steganography project is secured related project which is designed to send data is a effective method using this technique. In this application we will embed one audio file in to another audio file using a secured manner. This method makes user to send data securely which is called steganography and cryptography.

Audio Steganography

About Steganography:

Steganography is nothing but concept of cryptography which is used to hide messaged under another message which is not visible to third party.

There are other software in the market which will hide trade mark details which will protect privacy. This method is called as water marking.

Audio Steganography Project Module Description:

                There is one module in this Audio Steganography.

Admin Module:

The Functionalities of the Administrator is:

  1. The administrator should login into the system with unique his/her password and username.
  2. If the username and password is validated then he can gain access to the system.
  3. Admin applies the Steganography concepts to the users file.
  4. writes message and Encrypts the with the key
  5. Decrypts the message 

The Administrator can do the following actions:

  1. Register
  2. Login
  3. Change Password
  4. Admin Actions
  • Receives the message
  • Applies the Steganography concepts
  • Forwards the message to the concerned user.
  • Sends the message(File)
  • Receive the message(File)

How to Run This Application:

  • Main page consist of file name option with play, stop, open, save, encoding and decoding and send options. To display message a box Is shown below.
  • Use should click open button to select file which is in wav format which is shown in screen shot.
  • After writing message, click encoding button.
  • Then Encoding with the Key
  • After clicking encoding button, Input box is opened, where the user has to enter the Key. Click OK.
  • Next Select Open Button and Open file from the specified location.
  • For Decrypting message we will use reverse method.
  • Application will ask for decryption key.
  • Then original information will be displayed. 

Download Audio Steganography Project in Java Source Code, Project Report, Documentation, PPT.