Auditing System for Substation Project is specially developed for electricity department which is used in substations to calculate power loss based on total number of units calculated from bills and total number or output from substation and compare it with other substations and take respective action on power loss.

Auditing System for Substation Project

Auditing System for Substation Project

Energy Audit system Introduction:

Energy auditing is the most common procedure followed by electricity department to analyze energy flows and total energy consumption and different areas this survey can be done for buildings, entertainment zones and provide solutions for less power consumption .

Project objective:

In this application we are dealing with substations to calculate loss of current based on input received from department. User can upload total number of units billed and store in database and update amount of units outflow from substation and store in database. Calculation part is done based on these details and report is generated for analysis.

Existing system:

There are many substations which will share current and provide to users and collect bills . But there should be accurate calculation of loss and gain to submit to higher authorities for inspection. In existing method normal excel sheet based calculation is used which is time taking and not centralized method.

Proposed system:

In proposed system a web based centralized system is developed which can update data to database and calculate loss and gain based on stored values form any location.

Forms overview:

This application will have  six forms station form, feder form, DTR form, Area Form, Energy Division, Energy circle, energy output. This of this form will have add, delete, modify forms .

 Software Requirements:

Client – side Scripting                 : Javascript

Programming Language                    : Java

Backend Database                        : Oracle/SQL Server/MY SQL/MS Access

Download Auditing System For Substation Project Source Code In Java With Project Report.