Back to my Village Project in Java is a web application where the charity group of professionals will communicate over the internet to plan and track the developmental activities which are undertaken by the organization. The members should actively participate in the meetings and formulation of the developmental activities which are to be implemented.       

Back to my Village Project

      The main purpose of the project is to facilitate the communication between the members in the organization. The members will communicate through the discussion forum through the website. The group also runs a monthly magazine which is mailed to all the registered members and anyone who has subscribed it.

Youtube Video Link to view Project Design Details

 Existing System

The existing system has only the functionalities of viewing the organizational details and check for the updates which are updated in the website. It does not allow the registered members to communicate with one another over the internet. It is only an information provider but does not help in assessing the current situation and to chalk out the plans of action for the future.

Back to my Village Project Specific Modules:

There are five modules in our project. They are:


  • Group Member or volunteer who ever want to get services from our website are to be registered
  • They can view their profile and update it.


  • User must provide valid userid and password to login to system
  • The userid password entered will be checked with database.They must match with userid and password given during registration time.
  • If they are matched user is authenticated and access is granted


  • Anonymous can view the organizational information
  • Can select the village and district to know the details.
  • Can subscribe the newsletter.
  • User can know about the recent updates.

4.      DONATE

  • This  is a part of members module.
  • Whenever the user wants to donate, a form appears.
  • After filling the details ,the values are dynamically updated


  • This  is a part of members module.
  • The members communicate through the discussion forum
  • They can add new topics.
  • They can post their replies for the existing topics.
  • They can also view the existing replies and posts.

Download Back to my Village Project in Java Source Code

Download full project report , abstract , Documentation, SRS.