Web applications are playing important role in medical field for provide a fast and effective service for users from any locations even in tough times.  This application blood bank information management system is similar application which comes under medical category.

 Over View of Blood Bank Management System:

In our daily life we will come across different problems one amount them is search for blood. we need information for blood donors and blood availability at different locations and blood banks with contact information . This information can help user to solve problem in short time. 

Blood bank management system is a similar application where different blood donors and blood banks information is provided. Users can contact blood banks and buy blood in short time.

existing and proposed SYSTEM:

Comparing existing and proposed system we can find importance of blood bank management system .In existing system users should get information from doctors or hospitals to contact blood banks.  in proposed system users can open web application and find all details in short time.

Modules Overview:


              Admin will look after updating information of blood availability in blood bank and provide accurate information on daily basis.


            In book bank we need organizers to manage blood taken from blood donors. They will also look after records of donors and receivers.

 Blood donors:

Users who will give blood to blood bank details are managed using this module.

 Report generation module:

   In this module we can generate reports for blood groups, donors list, receivers list, payment information, contact details ..etc.

Download Blood Bank Information Management System Project Source Code