Bug tracking system is the process of tracking and analysing bugs in a software application which is maintained by developers and testers in a software company. Bug is the process of finding issues in normal execution of project which are deviating for requirement.

Bug tracking System

Bug tracking System final project

Bug issuing software is used in Software Company by tester and developers for managing application process flow is a best manner.  This software plays key role in software development process.  However this software is used for different purposes like help desk service, finding bugs, enhancements.


When handling high level projects which include large number of human resource and coding to be done in that process we need an effective method to handle projects. Normal record management is not possible for bug tracking and reporting.  There are many effective methods proposed but most of them are manual methods.

For handling multiple tasks with less human resource we need a software application which can also handle help desk service. 

Existing System

Data management in Software Company is done using excel sheets which is old and time taking method. Each bug is updated to excel sheet with developer details, time and severity. When management looks for specific bug they need to search from entire sheet.  Specific bugs are listed and printed.

Limitations in Existing System

Process for managing bugs is time taking process

Due to un organized system there are changes of losing files or deletion of files.

Specific security is not provided for each file which is visible to every user

Need to list of specific bugs to generating reports.

Proposed System

Bug tracking software is a web based browser compatibility application. Which provides developers and testers to view, update and delete bugs from any location?  This application uses centralized database.  There are different modules for handling tasks like tester, developer, admin, manager. Records can be searched and reports can be generated in different formats.

Advantages over Existing System

Overall performance and efficiency is increased.

Time required for analyzing and reporting is fast

We can perform tasks with little human resource

Download Bug Tracking System Final Project source code in java with project report.