Issue or Bug Tracking System Project is a java based software application specially designed for software companies for managing errors that are occurred in software development cycle.

Bug Tracking System

Project Purpose:

Software Company’s works on multiple projects simultaneously with may employees working on each project. In this process there must be effective methods to handle stages of project development. Bug tracking system is a web application where employees from any location can update issue details and solve issues and update to system.

Proposed System

  • Application helps is handling bugs , tracking old issues, updating solved issues, search for bug history and bug resolving.
  • When Software bugs are updated to application latest versions are also updated. All details with users information is stored in database. Resolved issues are also updated to database.
  • Searching priority is set based on status and operating system.
  • Software helps project manager to look after bug hierarchy and analyze which user is allotted to which bug.
  • Security is managed with authentication method for each user and user can update bug details by adding attachment.
  • Software can store old bug details and help users to search records. 

Bug Tracking System Module Description


This module is used by employees ( coding team and Testing team ). Coding tem will update bugs details and updated to application where as testing team will check bugs and update status.


Project Manager will look after team building and analyze total number of employee required for project development under different category.


   Admin will manage coders and testing team updating details. He will check updating details to reduce risk for employees.

Download Issue Bug Tracking System Project in Java with source code, project report and documentation.