Online Bus Ticket Reservation System is a software application to book bus tickets online. This website provides an option for customers to book their air tickets online. 


The main aim of this project is to computerize system of tick processing, at present tickets are issuing only at select outlets. This can be enabled to make available online, so that each customer can book air ticket at his or her place. 


This application can be used by any Travel Agent to issue the tickets to the customers. Apart from customer will able to check the timings and schedule of the buses.

Existing System 

Presently this company has ticket counters in the selected locations. Where people as to come to book the tickets or to check the bus timings. Also there are many travel agents take the advance booking. In turn these agents will check out with the main ticket counter officials for the ticket confirmation, which is very lengthy and tedious process.  So company looking at simple and effective system to solve this problem. 

Proposed System

The proposed system will available online. So anybody who are interested in the checking the bus timings they can easily check. and they can book tickets online as and when they required, by sitting at their own place for the required date. There are no hassles for customers to book the tickets.

Hardware and Software requirement

Hardware Requirement 

Processor                   :       Intel Core Duo 2.0 GHz or more

RAM                          :       1 GB or More

Harddisk                    :       80GB or more

Monitor                      :       15” CRT, or LCD monitor

Keyboard                   :       Normal or Multimedia

Mouse                       :       Compatible mouse

Software Requirement

Front End                   :       Java

Back End                   :       Mysql

Operation System        :       Windows XP with server pack 3


Windows 7

Browser                     :       Internet Explorer or Google Crome