Car Rental System is software program for cab operators to manage day to day operations. The project is done for the cab operator who has more than 100 cabs in the city. The main problem they are facing is booking the cab when customer is called. There is a lot of mismatch in the address or in handling or in billing. To solve this problem this project is developed. This project has options to store all the details of cabs, drivers and customers. So when customer called they will feed the data in computer, so easily we can allocate particular cab particular customer. And based on this we can do the billing. 


The major objective of this project is to computerize the cab operations. The other major objective is to manage all booking through computers so there will not be any mismatch across the shifts. The other major objective is to make the proper billing for the customer.

Existing system:

Owners who are having more than 100 cars use to manage cab details using records. Daily owner need to take signature from each cab owner and update timings and payments to book.  This is manual process it is not easy to look after old records or calculate money.

Proposed system:

Cab rental system project is a web based application where owner can update day to day details of cabs and rentals to application and store data in database. Admin will have option to search old records based on name and date.

Software Requirement:

Front End                   :       Java , html, java script

Back End                   :       MS Sql Server

Operation System        :       Windows 7


Windows 8