Career information management system project is developed in java which is a online web portal for organization for recruiting employees and accepting resumes through website.

Career Information Management System Project


          Employees are the heart and sole of any company. A company like National Engineering Corporation having branches through out India has a large number of employees all over the country.This company  has people who are highly skilled and dedicated to the company.Hence forth if there are any jobs present here then they go for such qualities in the employees. 

Normally jobs in a company will be advertised and number of people might send there resumes for the posts. The person, who has to participate in the selections, has to travel all the way and attend the conducted exam. So it will be very risky to travel for the persons, and it is risky work for the company also to provide all the felicities to persons. Now a days wherever you see so many strikes are going. So selecting the qualified person conducting interviews making hi ease with the environment is all a tedious work. So here the company has decided to develop this project and maintain a separate cell for the company’s requirements. 

  Proposed Career Information Management System Project:

The proposed system is to maintain the details of  job seekers in the computers of a company. In this system we can select the persons based on theirs skills and performance in the tests conducted by the company. It aims to do the following. 

  •  Selecting skilled and professionally needed person for the job.
  • Support of multiple users.
  • By selecting the  users for online test selections can be done within less time.
  • Selections can be done for any branches of the company.

Download Career Information Management System Project Source Code in Java with full Project report, Data flow diagram, screen shots.