Cargo management system project is a management software for buying goods by selecting raw material . Once purchase is completed , using application billing calculation and online payments can be done. After the raw material is received using weighing machine we can check weight and update data to software.

This process is a computerized system when admin will have permissions to manage data in the database.  He will have credentials to log in to application.


Scope of this project is to deal with cargo systems where data is managed in a manual method. We develop a software application where data management will be easy and efficient.


Motivation of this system is to provide a best solution for cargo management team to handle all data related work to be managed in software. 

Existing System:

In existing system for updating any kind of data we need a human resource for each task . Data analyzing and data rectification is not possible and data loss is big issue. Report generation on specific criteria is not possible.

Proposed System:

Proposed system is a web based effective system which uses internet and provides option to update and look data from any location. Single user can manage data in a centralized database. Users will have secured access to data which can used for report generation, analyzing.

Module Description:

The Cargo Management system consists of 6 modules.

  1.  Vender:  vender is a user who will provide requested raw material to company. He will have unique user name and password to look after order and update data based on situation.
  1. Cargo Manager: Manager of a cargo company who will look after goods and calculate profits for company.
  1. Inspection Manager: when raw material is received from vendor inspection manager will inspect quality and weight and update details to database.
  1. Storage Manager: store manager will look after stock available in store and update required stock and available stock.
  1. Manufacturer: he is the person who require raw material.

Download Cargo Management System project source code and report in java