Multi Chat Room Application in Java is a  TCP socket communication ( Networking )  related project where users can create up to 20 chat rooms and invite friends to join rooms. 

Chat Room Application Advantages:

This Project entitled as Multiroom Chat has many advanced features, which are listed as follows:

  • The system is done in Java Foundation Classes, which lets the organization to have a very attractive and good Graphical User Interface (SWINGS).
  • The proposed system permits the user to create independent room of which he could administer
  • All the users of the group are intimated by an arrival of a new client and each one may or may not accept the new user.
  • Group owner may initiate the chat by inviting his friends online.
  • Logout of user is intimated to each and every member of group.
  • Proposed system permits to create more than one room by single user and a single user who has not created any room can be a member of any rooms as long as he is invited.
  • Server can list out all the users in a group on request or on selection of the room name.
  • Only messages pertaining to that particular room are shown in a window.  His other room’s messages are hidden until he selects that particular room.
  • Rooms can continue even without message from the group owner, provided it is filled with only registered users.
  • One-to-one communication is permitted in the private room. At the same time, users can send messages among the group also.  Within a group also, user can select the friends to whom the messages are intended to by selecting them using Control Key.


Though the main objective of this project is achieved, there are lot more works to do.  As a first real time project, there was a lot of scope to learn and to implement what we have learned.  However, in the cruel hands of time, one has to keep full stop at concerned time else caught and fail.  Hence I have made this project with several limitations.  For time being it supports only 20 independent rooms and 20 users in each, that administrator can modify.  However this project brings a wide scope for further development in networking concepts such as net conferencing using audio and video streams that are supported by these TCP Sockets. 


Chat applications have achieved huge success in the Internet era. A lot of innovative applications are now built on top of the networking technology. Apart from allowing the users to create their own room and inviting them, the project could also allow to send and receive files during chat.  Moreover, the project has brought into limelight the usage of, packages.  With a little bit knowledge in multimedia application classes such as image and motion pictures, this application could be modified to send and receive audio and video streaming. The Audio and Video streaming paves way for real net conferencing.

Download Multi Room Chat Project in Java source code, design details, project documentation.