The Chat Room Project in Java deals with getting the IP address of the server to which the user wants to chat and its port number. Once the server is configured, the user can chat to any client by selecting them before sending the message.

To support the process of group chat, this project allows the clients to create room of their interest and to invite their friends who are currently online. With the implementation of synchronization among multithreads, the user can actively participate in more than one room at a time and the message send to the intended group reaches only the members of the group and not to others.

Chat Room Project Specific Objective:

This project lets the user to create separate rooms and upon his permission others may join to it.  This lets the user to chat among his group while actively participating in chat with others in other rooms.  The message sent to a particular room reaches only the intended participants whom are selected before sending each message.  

Though there is a group e- mail, which is the means of official communication today, it is not a two-way communication. The present scenario permits the user to chat either in public, which means all the participants would know about each other conversation or private chat where messages are sent as one to one communication. In an office, where there is a conference through this electronic media, Intranet chat is most welcome, but when a participant wants to discuss among his team before answering the conversation, it is possible only by one to one private chat, which denies the team spirit.  

This project will allow the user to create separate room while chatting in public or other room and he could invite his teammates alone to the group. Any message sent would reach only the teammates while he could participate in the common board meeting. 

Download Multi Room chat application Project in Java with project report, design details, data flow diagram.