City Guide Project in Java  is an essential when ever we are visiting a particular city.It gives us the valuable information about the city and saves the time. Our  project laid a web based platform for the city guide and can search every place in the city with out taking the help of any personal guide. You can search a city for its prominent places of the city user, and can get social and political information of the city, city culture,security ,entertainment, Business ,Hotels,Jobs etc.

City Guide Project

Existing System:                                  

                 In Existing system the person who are visiting a particular city need to gather information from the person who is staying in the city or take the help of the guide in the city. Gather of all these information you need to visit the city. This  posses a lot of timeand pre-planning. In order to get each piece of information we  need to go for help desk.

City Guide Project Screen Shots Explanation:

Home page of the System 

Description: The home page provides the necessary information that is accessed by the user and provides login form and registration for registration. The information in the home is open to all the users of the system. 

Registration page 

Description: The registration page helps the user to register in order to posses the various services offered by the site .The various users of the system are tourist, businessman, student, jobseeker and administrator.

Student Home page 

Description: The User who is registered as a student and login with his id and password will be provides with various downloaded services and can access other city information . Every user will be provided with various services and maintain communication with other users.

Industries list of the city 

Description: The page provides the information about the various industries available in the city and their current operational status. The current updates of the industries in the city can be viewed .The administrator will make updates of the various information about the industries in the city. The current operational status of the industries will be available in the site.

Download City Guide Project In Java Source Code, Project Report, Documentation, PPT.