Client server communication is important part of network communication projects. Most of the networking projects works based on client server connection. This project client server protocol implementation is developed to understand how communication between client and server is established and concepts of networking are explained. 

Project Introduction: 

Internet is one of the greatest inventions which has changed the way of communication and establishing connections between systems.  TCP/IP is the most used protocol which will allow users to communicate between systems.  Gateway is used to act as mediator between different connections which is called as server. Connections which use these gateways are called as clients.  Routing concept is used to route received messages at gateway to exact source. For  exact routing tables are used which are updated regularly. 

Comparing existing and proposed system:

   In existing system communication is divided based on departments and new users cannot add to exiting network.  Process of communication is manual where as in proposed system most of the work is done through network. New network will help uses to add or delete from network with our disturbing exiting network.

This network is developed using existing communication protocol with gateway, routing  , and tcp/ip communication.

Software and hardware requirements:

In this application we need java jdk 1.2 version and we need to configure system with ports and ip address connections.

Modules overview:

Network Setup:

This module provides user with adding and deleting new network connection to existing gateway and updating routing table with new information.

    Routing setup:

Using this module admin can create routing message and send routing messages to available gateways and update routing table with new information.

Date and Time configuration:

In order to update to routing table we need time and date.  Using this information routing table is sent to gateway.

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