Project on collector fund management is for managing funds received by district collector and allotting them to different schemes and checking status.

Project Introduction:

Due to availability of new technologies and reducing cost in terms of problem solving. Web based applications are used in many ways  to solve problems.

In government sector web portals are playing important role from center level to state level.  In administration section we need a system which can provide solution for policy making and checking status of works.  District collection is main head for district who need these type of applications.

Project abstract:

This application will have access permissions for users and admin. Users are normal people who are under that collector whereas admin is the person who works under collector.

Collector will have different roles to be performed which are changing from time to time but main intention is to provide best solutions for user problems. So he must have a good communication medium between people and know problems and utilize available funds for solving these problems.

Existing and proposed system:

In existing system there was no web related solution to solve problem and know about available funds and track status of utilisation. With this web portal collector and users can share problems and get solution and know about funds and utilize them.

Modules overview:

There are two main modules administrator and user.

User module: user is a normal person who is part of that constitution who has  certain problem that to be conveyed to collector . He can register with application and get id and password  and send message using compose option and check inbox messages.

Admin: admin is the person who manages for collector data. He will check mails and reply to that mails and check funds available and assign funds to different schemes.

Download Collector Fund Management System Project source code in java with project report.