College question and answer system with admin is a query handling system for college students and administration where students can question any type of queries related to administration and different departments.

Project Introduction:

Colleges need a effective method for communicating with students for solving simple problems related to fees, exam dates, certificate issuing..etc. Away from class related queries students will have many questions related to administration. In normal method students should visit administration office and enquiry with different departments and solve queries this is time taking and there will be different admins for different departments we need to wait for specific person. In order to complete work it will take many days.

In order to solve this problem we need a effective method in which everything can be done by web portal. This system is divided in to many modules where it is easy to organise data and communicate with students.

Existing and proposed system:

Comparing both existing and proposed system there is lot of difference in terms of communication method and process of work flow in administration office and manual work will be reduced for students. In proposed system.

Proposed System:

Proposed system is a web portal for college which can help administration and students to solve any issues in short time period.

Modules overview:

There are three main modules admin, user and super admin.

Super admin: He will look after all other admins who are working under different departments in the college. He can add , delete, modify records from database.

Admin:  Normal admin for each department will have login access who can send and receive messages from students and respond to messages.

Student: student module is normal user or student who is studying in college.He can login to application and send messages to users.

 Software requirements: 

Client – side Scripting                 : Javascript

Programming Language                    : Java

Backend Database                        : Oracle/SQL Server/MY SQL/MS Access


Download College Student Q&A System with Administration project source code and project report