Company and Dealers Communication System application is for fulfilling the different requirements of the management and dealers and clients for an organization. With this application client should be in a position to do the following things:

  1. Obtain General information about the Company.
  2. Login into the DCMS.
  3. Select a product and place an order.
  4. Provide Feedback to the company.
  5. Obtain details regarding various dealers for specific product or area.
Company and Dealers Communication System

Company and Dealers Communication System

Management can perform the following functionalities:

  1. Track Dealer specific Sales
  2. Obtain the client’s area of interest
  3. Update Product List
  4. Obtain Clients Feedback
  5. Obtain Dealers Feedback
  6. Provide Instructions to the client.

In addition to the above functions the Dealers can perform the following functionalities: -

  1. Obtain Client’s Feedback
  2. Obtain Instructions from Company
  3. Provide Workshop details to the Company
  4. Provide Feedback to the Company regarding specific product launch or promotion.

The flow of the System can be described as follows with respect to the type of the user (i.e. Management, Client, Dealers):-

A company’s client can    have two categories such as existing clients and new clients.

Existing Client:-

If an existing client uses the following application then she/he has to perform the following tasks:

First he/she has to login into the client area which will help him/her to avail the services of the company.

For the client to log in to the system it has to provide its user Id and password for authorization purpose.

If the user Id and the password matches with the entry in the database then the client enters the client workshop area.

The client workshop area has three options to be utilized.

The first option gives the client the product list offered by the company where the client can select the required products

The second option gives us the instructions given to the client from the dealer

The third option helps us to send feedback regarding the services of the company and the dealers.

New User:

If the client is a new user of the system then he performs the following tasks:

First the client has to register himself in to the system by using the sign up form in client login area.

Once the system authorizes the new client then he can perform all the functions of the new user.

As per Management’s View :-

The company management can obtain the following details from the system using the following reports:

It can obtain client feedback report

It can obtain dealers comment report on the workshop and the products.

It can also place the instructions to the dealers regarding the product launch or its promotion

It can obtain the details about the product select

Clients details report

Dealers details report

Survey report

Workshop report on sales transactions and product launches.


As per Dealers View:-

The company dealers can perform the following tasks with the system.

They are :-

As soon as the dealers enter the system, they have to log into the dealer area to avail the services from the company.

Once the dealer provides the authorization information to the system, it presents the dealer with dealer’s area called dealer workshop.

The dealer encounters with four options.

The first option called Dealer Feedback provides dealer the opportunity to give the feedback about the company’s product and services.

The second option called client feedback information helps the dealer to obtain feedback from clients regarding the services offered by them.

The third option called Instructions from Sales Department helps the dealer to obtain specific instructions from the company regarding the some specified tasks.

The fourth option called instructions to clients helps the dealer to give instructions to the clients regarding the product usage or payment policy of the company as per the company‘s instructions to the dealers.

And apart from the above tasks any user can browse the application for gathering information regarding the company products, profile etc.

Area of reading suggested (classified according to the user type)

For new dealers/ clients :-

Company profile, its branches, product categories, dealers and their details, recent updations in company product.

For existing dealers/ clients :-

Regulatory and safety policies of the company, contract terms and conditions, specific marketing strategy if any, product categories and their pricing, entitled discounts for specific dealerships, product updates.

For management :-

Dealers and their recorded sales track, workshop results, dealers and client feed back reports, updation of dealer’s details.

For sales and accounting staff :-

Reports regarding the sales of specific product or specific dealer, pricing of the product.


Download Company And Dealers Communication System Project Source Code In Java With Project Report.