Company Management System Project in Java is a simple yet sophisticated personal tool for the moving executives. It handles almost all the necessary things required by ongoing moving and demanding executives. The personal organizer basically provides these executives a ready reckoned of to do list , events, meeting, contacts, addresses, emails, etc.. and the places to meet. All the above said information will be provided to the executive through his laptol or palmtop or any other similar console. The source of this information is available from the office through the internet. The executive on the move can connect to the office net ( via internet web or a dedicated channel) to get all his contact information.

 Company Management System

Company Management System Design Explanation:

Admin can login to application using user id and password . When user log in to system admin page is displayed which consists of add contact form, add meeting form, add attendance form, add executive form, view contacts, meetings schedule, executive details, attendance details..etc.  Each from is explained below with this functionality.

Add Contact Form: This form consist of contact Name, contact task, executive id, contact category, email id and phone number. When employee what to contact execute he should fill all these details and submit.

Add Meeting Entry:  This form is useful for employee to request for meeting. This form consist of meeting details, start time, end time, address, city, state, agenda, executive id, phone number.

Add Attendee Entry:  This entry form is for person who is attending meeting. This form consists of attendee name, designation, meeting id, address, phone number, and email id.

Executive Entry: This form consists of executive name, address, phone number.

Download Company Management System Project Source Code in Java with project report and documentation

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