The main objective of the Compiler Project in Java is to visualize the things that goes under each and every phase of a compiler. With the help of this product the users can easily understand the compiler. In this project it visualizes the java programs.

Compiler Project

In the first phase, it visualizes the tokens that are identified from the uploaded java program done by the user. In the second phase, it generates the parse trees both in top-down and bottom-up view based on the tokens. In the third phase, it shows the semantic view that concentrates on syntax checking and type-casting operation.

In the fourth phase, it generates the intermediate code based on the syntax trees . In the fifth phase, it removes the unnecessary temporary variables from the intermediate code. Finally, the output will be displayed for the given program.
At present , Students prefer text books to gain knowledge about the Compiler but they don’t extract the exact things from the text book as the human nature is that if we see the actual process with our eyes we will not forget it in our life time.

Youtube video link to view design details, Dfd, Screen shots, Class diagram

Problems in Existing System:

i. Takes time to understand the compiler process.
ii. User cannot understand completely about the compiler process.

Proposed system:

By using this system there are following advantages:
1. By using this system user can easily understand the compiler.
2. User can save his/her time by using this system. 

Users Compiler Project :

       a. Student



       d.Software Engineer

Hardware and Software Configurations

Hardware Configurations : 

  • Processor           : Pentium4CPU2.4G.HZ
  • Ram Capacity      : 512MB
  • HardDisk              : 40GB
  • CD/RomDrive     : 52X 

Software Configurations : 

  • Eclipse
  • Windows XP

Download Java Compiler Project Source Code, Project Documentation, Paper presentation, Project Manual, Database.