Complaint Management System Project in java is a web application designed to provide solution for citizens to reach government officials to register complaints through online.

Complaint Management System

Purpose and Scope


  • Complaint Management System provides an online way of solving the problems faced by the public by saving time and eradicate corruption.


  • Providing accessibility to all users of the system who have a valid username and    password. This system also provides the following facilities such as:

Donating money to the organizations which help the poor.

Posting the problem they are facing

Communication through discussion forums, feedback, mail

Monthly newsletter and magazine.

Users of the System

  • Guest
  • Dlps Operators
  • Government officers
  • Super user

Existing System

In the existing system the citizens must go to the government office for any kind of help. For complaining about a problem there is a system called Prajavani in which the users can post their problems but cannot get the details of the problems and some other services. This system doesn’t have much popularity and is not user friendly.

Complaint Management System Functional Requirements:      

  1. Secure registration and profile management facilities for individual members
  2. Facilitating communication like Discussion forum /mail/feedback – is very important
  3. Assessment of current situation of the basic problems faced by the common people which are classified into 5 categories like
  • Water, Sanitation and Environment
  • Agriculture
  • Health
  • Education
  • Electricity
  1. A complete profile of each place in the district is maintained.

See this video to understand about project deisgn

How To deploy:

oracle database used:oracle 10g express edition

username for the database :scott

password for the database :tiger

database dump name:dlpsdb.dmp

location of the dump: dlps–>database tables–>database dump

Download Complaint Management System Project in Java source code, project report , documentation, database design, Project Manual, PPT.