Computer networking projects are useful for developing communication projects by transmitting messages from source to destination using different types of protocols. These applications can be developed in JAVA or c++ programming languages.

Computer Network Project

Project Category:

Network Programming Projects

Project Introduction:

Networking is the concept where internal operation system functions and hardware components related information is used for developing applications. There are applications like mails, chatting, wireless communication, communication between hardware and software..etc which are developed using networking concepts.

Hand Shake Code:

Protocols Overview:

Basing on user requirements different types of protocols are used mainly TCP IP, UDP are used for wired communication and wireless communication.  

Computer Network Project Flow:

For every networking project there are few common operations like socket connection, connection to server and for message transmission we use one way conformation and two way conformation messages called as handshake and acknowledgement messages. Handshake message are used to establish connection and ack messages are used for message received confirmation.

In this project simple networking project is explained with all these functionalities developed in java.

List of Java Files:

Actual message

Hand shake message: This project file consist of source code for handshake.

Log : log file consist of source code which is used for writing sent and received messages in log file.

Peer process

Received ack

Remote peer info

Send function:  This project file use threading and socket programming concepts for sending data.

Start remote peers

Download Computer Network Project in Java Source Code for Students