Computer Science Projects on  Temporal Partitioning of Communication  Resources in an Integrated Architecture for final year students with full project report and source code in java.

Computer Science Project

Modules :

        Inner-Node Partitioning module

Encapsulation module

        Mediation of Data Flow module

        Virtual networks module

        Message Timing module

Module Description :

Inner-Node Partitioning module :

                In avionics, the need for the temporal partitioning of communication resources within a line-replaceable unit has gained high recognition it is stated that the execution environment of each function in a cabinet should be as much like the environment in the discrete line-replaceable unit. Therefore, SAFE bus has been designed as a table-driven protocol, which enforces strict deterministic control for temporal partitioning.

Encapsulation module :

Due to encapsulation, developers need not look at all possible interactions between jobs in order to understand the temporal behavior of a VN. In particular, upon the occurrence of faults covered in the fault hypothesis, the encapsulation of VNs preserves the modularization of the overall system jobs, as introduced in the logical system structuring. The primary purpose of encapsulation is the prevention of adverse effects on the message exchanges of a particular VN induced by the message exchanges on other VNs.       

Mediation of Data Flow module :

                The VNs presented in this project provide temporal partitioning with respect to the communication resources. The only way in which a faulty job can affect other jobs is by providing to the other jobs faulty inputs. The elimination of interference in the use of communication resources is an important baseline for partitioning mechanisms at higher levels. In particular, higher levels can focus on the mediation of data flows between different levels of criticality.

Download Computer Science Project on Temporal Partitioning Source code in java, project report, documentation, ppt.