Project on courier logistics and tracking system is a management tool for courier servicers which will transport goods from source to destination in given time. Using this web portal we can upload details for courier parcel information of each customer and allow user to know status of parcel through online.


Logistic management is part of supply chain management which deals with complex type of works for delivering goods from one point to other by meeting customers’ requirements.  Using this medium user scan transport any type of goods from food, electronics, books, letters ..etc.  Logistic supply mainly involves services like packaging, transportation, inventory management, ware housing.

Project abstract:

Logistic tracking system website will have basic features with minimum user management. Application will have user registration which allows admin to login to application with credentials which is based on role privilege. There are three type of users admin, supervisor and user .

Each user will have different functionality like admin will update all new parcels details to database where as supervisor will manage data based on priorities and load deliveries. Whereas user will have option to view status of parcel.

Modules overview:

There are there main modules and with different features.

Admin: admin will upload new parcel information to database. These admins will be located at different location that will upload status of parcel from start to end delivery. He will upload status of parcel with money payment and customer information.

Report generation: Reports like billing, and daily parcels received and delivered from location, monthly and weekly reports can also be generated.

Download Courier Logistics Tracking System project source code in java with project report.