Courier tracking and management system is a software tool which can provide solution for e commerce business services for managing parcels receiving form different parts of country. If students willing to do project on this area they can select this topic which will cover details of tracking, parcel processing, updating lists, managing customers .

Features covered in Courier system:

This a software tools which can be easily installed in multiple system. Mainly admin will use this tool to manage courier details . This tool covers features like entering new order, updating existing order, manage dispatches, tacking

Existing System  and disadvantages :

There are many small courier services which works on manual process . This process is a time taking process and records are maintained in book. Booking, cancellation or delivery details updating is not a easy process. User should contact support team to know about status there is no web based tacking.

Main disadvantages are it is time taking, records are not managed in database it is not easy to retrieve old records and chances of losing data, Manual tacking system by phone call.

Proposed System and advantages:

Now a day’s most of the courier services are using software tools like courier tracking which works on web. Users from any location can access to track courier. Each user is provided with tracking number , this number can be used for tacking location of parcel .

This method has increased efficiency and reduced manual work. Data is managed in centralized database which can be used for analysis and generate reports.

Modules :

Courier tacking system consists of four main modules. Admin, user, dealer, tracking and employee module.

Admin : Admin can add  new features to application and can view all other modules. He can view employee’s details, dealer information and he can delete, add or modify database.

User Module:  User can use web portal to know information of parcels with cost and location details. He can contact customer team to know about information. User is provided with tracking number to know live status of parcel.

Dealer Module: Information of type of dealer who is sending parcel to user is managed in this module.   Dealer can place dealer ship details, and recruit employees and look after booking requests. 

Tracking module: Tracking module is visible to employee , admin and user. Any of this user can tack parcel if they know tracking id. This id is valid till the parcel is received. 

Download Courier Tacking and Management system project source code.