Colleges and Universities can use Course management system project (JAVA ) for computerizing process of submitting course to instructor and get feedback and help instructor to give grades for students.

Course Management System

Project Category:

Online Students Course Management System Software

Project Abstract:

For every education institution there must be regular interaction between students and instructors for submitting assignments, projects, thesis and get feedback. In exiting system students should visit colleges and take appointment from instructors to submit work. In this process students and instructors time is wasted.

Considering issues in existing system software application is designed which contains three modules.

Modules Overview:

Administrator Module: Admin will create accounts for students and instructors and create course list and add instructors and students to that course list.

Admin will create course details using course creation form  which consists of course name, course id, select instructor, select student.

Using Student creator form student details are entered to database. User name, conform username, password, conform password, first name and last name, ID.

Create instructor by entering username, password, first name and last name, id.

After accounts are created based on each courser students and instructors are divided and added to list using create courser missing students form.

Students Module:  Student will register with application and log with user name and password. He can check courser and submit home work. Each student will have id

Instructor Module: Instructor will check student’s home works and assign grades for work. This module consist of instructor homework menu, pick student for grades. He will give grade to students by selecting from list.  Each instructor will have ID attached to username.

Database Design:

After creating accounts user can view details using sql query select *from instructoraccounts. Select *from studentaccounts,  to view course details use this query select *from coursers.

Download Course Management System Project Source Code in Java