Crime Management System Project in Java - an online comprehensive crime reporting system to engage public, NGOs, police and government agencies to be more quick, proactive and responsive to fight with crime and criminals.

Crime Management System

              Conventionally the citizen has to go to Police station in person to report the crimes and   anonymous events like thefts, murder, missing citizens, dead bodies and other miscellaneous events.  Here we are explaining about a crime management system which will be useful for citizens and police departments .So crimes are solve and conclude in an effective period .

Crime Management System Project Modules:

List of modules used in this project are explained below.

  1. Admin Module
  2. Police Module
  3. Detectives and Security agencies
  4. Public Module

Admin Module

  • Admin can register the police’s in a state.
  • Admin can accept the detective and security agencies requests.
  • Admin can assign some criminal cases to particular detective and security agencies.
  • Admin can view all criminal’s information.
  • Admin can view all missing people information.
  • Admin can view all type of criminal cases information.

Police Module

  • Police can enter all criminal’s information.
  • Police can enter all missing people’s information and he provides some contact information’s.
  • Policies can view the all queries raised by the public and takes some action depends up on the proof.
  • Police can upload some critical criminal cases to administrator.
  • Police can join discussion forums.
  • Police can send mails to others. 

Detectives and Security agencies

  • Detectives and security agencies can take some cases from administrator or normal public.
  • Detective can start the some discussion forums and post some information to others.
  • Detectives and security agencies can enquiry of assigned cases and upload the details to administrator. 

Public Module

  • Public can view all criminal’s information.
  • Public can view all Missing people’s information’s and intimate to particular contact person or polices.
  • Public can also enter a relative’s people missing information and provide some contact numbers.

For detailed view about design and class diagram and screen shot view this video

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