Currency exchange or currency converter project is useful for converting money from one country to other country currency using a simple web based interface. This project is designed in java programming language.

Java Currency Converter Code

Currency Converter

Project Abstract:

Currency exchange converter calculator is useful for users who are transferring money from one country to other country. Daily there will be variations in currency of every country so in order to develop this application there must be a regular updates about currency of every country , based on present currency value conversion is displayed.

Software requirement:

Currency exchange project is designed using Ajax, java, servlet’s using web features.

Currency Converter Working Principle:

User is provided with option to select type of conversion (ex: US dollar, Euro  …Etc) and user should enter amount in dollars to convert to euro or rupees details are shown in other box.

Project Advantages:

This software is mostly useful for business , finance, share business where money transfer is going on and changes in every day.

Calculation is done based on daily currency changes in the market and converted value is up to date value.

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