Customer support portal for Telecom Company is a web portal which can manage customers queries, enquiry, complaints, applications and entries. Customer service is important for any company mainly telecom company who has many customers all over country. In order to help customers customer support is available for all the telecom companies but it is not efficient to provide effective service for all customers in short time. In order to solve this problem a web portal is developed with can help users to register with application and select respective category based on service required and post query which is visible to higher level team who will respond to query in short time.


Technical support is most useful service in our day to day life in different category. Mostly users will contact customer teams for mobile call support, software support, product support. Customer support is a service offered by company which is providing service to users based on type of company. There are different types of customer support available like telephonic support, email support, forum support, website support. Large organizations mostly use customer care service by phone and web portal for queries.

Project Introduction:

Customer Support Portal for Telecom Company is designed by considering support related issues facing by each telecom company. Mostly users cant get support in short time and information provided by customer support team is not efficient. In order to solve this problem a web portal is developed with two modules customer module and support team module,

Modules overview:

Admin or Employee module:

Employee who is part of technical support can login to application and check queries requested by customers. There are different queries under different category which to be answered.

Customer module: customer will login with user name and password and select application, entries, enquiry and complains options. Each features will have submit form to be filled with query which will be answered by support team.

Software requirements:

Client – side Scripting                 : Javascript

Programming Language                    : Java

Backend Database                        : Oracle/SQL Server/MY SQL/MS Access


Download Customer Support Portal for Telecom Company Project source code, project report.