As this is automated cyber cafe management system Project in Java it makes it very easy for administrator to search details. Also it time allotment is done very efficiently and it provides fast service in term of the bill calculation and time management. Which is  very advantageous to both administrator and user.

Cyber Cafe Management System

Cyber Cafe Management System Modules:

There are six modules in this application add member , add time, balance, bill, reports and exit modules.

Add Member Module:

This module is used to add new member to the list by entering member id , name, personal details, like address, phone number, date of joining and validity related information.

Time Details:

This module is useful to manage time used by user for accessing internet in that center . This form consists of member id, member name, login and logout time.

Balance Module:

This module consists of member id, member name, Balance date, Balance amount, validity date details.


   The  most  important  limitation  of  the  existing  system  is ,  it  is  Manual  system. 

Drawbacks of Manual System: 

  • Time required for validation and updating is more.
  • Accuracy is less and incomplete.
  • Searching is difficult.
  • Repetition of work is going on.
  • Keeping track of cabin status is tedious job. 


    The computerized  “Cyber Café Management “ is made with intention to make easy to maintain the records and minimize the drawbacks of the system. 

Advantages  of  computerized  system over  manual  system  are: 

  • Computerized system is completely automated thus user can operate easily.
  • Time required is very less to makes and search the records.
  • Computerized system generates online reports.
  • It reduces the data consistency and redundancy.
  • Computerized system is very helpful to display all records.

Download Cyber Cafe Management System Project in java project report, documentation, source code with design details and database.