Data migration tool project is a user interface designed for databases for connection to multiple data bases like mysql, oracle . User is provided with single interface through which we can manage multiple databases in a fast and efficient manner.

Using a single tool we can execute any type of queries using GUI and update details to database.  In the first stage user should create connection to database with unique name mainly database name , Each database will have password. When user want to connect to respective database details are shown on left side bar.  After connection to database and execute query we can see database modifications.

Project features:

Main feature of this project are explained below.

User can connect to any database like sql server or oracle using Graphical user interface with a user friendly design. We can perform any type of modifications to database using this GUI and see results .

Roll back feature can help user to handle database in effective way.

Multiple database connectivity is possible with switching options.

Connection time out can be managed.

Problem in Existing System:

There are many tools available in market for managing databases  but those tools will work only for specific databases. When users are working on multiple databases it will problem to connect to different databases randomly. In this method multiple database inter related works are not possible.

For every dataset we don’t have user interface in that case manual console based query execution should be performed.

Proposed system with advantages:

Proposed data migration tool project works with multiple database at a time. User should connect to database for the first time and use it any time by entering user name and  password.  This application works on client server architecture.

This tool will be useful for database managers for handling multiple projects working on different databases at a same time.


Graphical interface module: this is front end displayed to user works a interface between database and user. When users executes queries it will perform functionality at back end and show results.

Database Connectivity:  This is nothing but a feature in interface where user can execute query for deleting, modifying, updating data in database. This allows user to switch to multiple databases.

Query execution module:    Using this module user can select any database and execute query for performing operations. This module helps user to cut, copy, paste, move data on interface.

Download Data Migration Tool Project in Java