Data visualization software source code in java. This project will give over view about data visualization design and implementation for college students.

Data Visualization Project in Java

Project over view:

Visualization is the concept used to show information in the form of visuals. This information which is showed in image form has meaning as we can see wikipedia data visulalization looks like.  In this diagram , articles related to single topic are interconnected to single node which is part of same concept.

Similarly data visualization is used in different areas like software, education, bio technology..Etc for understanding information easily in short time.

In this application node connectivity in networking is displayed in data visualization form which can be located at different location using mouse.

Source code file consists of data visualization examples for reference.

Advantages of using Data visualization:

Mode of communication is efficient with graphical display of images, clarity and aesthetic appeal.

This method is useful in a situation where communication using raw data is not efficient.

Based on our requirement user can design different type of data visual patterns.

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