Database handling system project is a management tool developed for companies to manage their database from a front end system.  User can use this tool to modify, delete, and update data from the centralised database.

Database Explorer Introduction:

There are many tools like advanced query tool, alpha software which are used for accessing different database files . Using these tools users can connect to database and execute queries. This application is mostly useful for database administrators and software developers.  User will have a designed interface with connection features and user friendly features.

Existing System:

Database connectivity is the most useful operation for every software employee who works on development or management. In order to manage large number of tables in database use should connect through command prompt and execute queries which is time taking process.

Proposed system:

In proposed system user can access database using a graphical interface which will have features to connect to multiple databases and view tables and perform any type of operations.

Download Database handling system Project source code in java with project report.