Database Interface tool is a user interface for connection to different types of databases with respective jdbc drivers.  For developing this application oracle and mysql is used. Using this tool we can control database by using drivers.  This application provides option for users to execute any type of query through front end graphical interface and view query results.  In this we are having a auto execution of queries which is be set initially and execute when required where no other actions are required from user.


Database abstraction layer applications are now a days used by every database manager to access database form front end. Almost most of the database provides like sql server, mysql , oracle provide their own interfaces . There are different applications like sql yog for mysql database management which will reduce manual work like connecting to database form command prompt and perform operations.

Project abstract:

Database abstract layer application is a user interface developed to connect to different database. User should enter drivers and user name and password of database and perform operations like executing query, taking backup, export and import operations.

Existing and proposed system:

In existing system most of the time we need to use command prompt to connect to database and perform any type of operations but it is time hard when we are managing many databases.

In proposed system a front end graphical interface with drivers information is designed to connect to database and perform various type of operations.   

 Operations Using DBI:

User can login in to database using respective drivers and credential and he can view structures of each table with number of fields , type , size and action.

Using browse option we can search for records in database it will contain number of records, starting from records, display mode , header repeat count and sort by order.

Sql query execution with result view and export and import features. 

Download Database interface tool Project source code in java with project report.