In this project DDOS or Denial of service attack we are explaining about location guard which helps in protecting server from any attacks. Here we provide video file which will help students to understand step by step procedure to execute project.

Denial of Service Attack Project

Denial of service is the type of attack which is normally seen on the network which cause serious problem on server and disables services.

About Project :

In this java based application we explained DOS attack and using Location guard application to save server from this attacks. We explained this process by developing a text book related client server based application where text books can be selected from client side and request is sent to server from where data can be retrieved.  In this process when DOS attack is applied and its effects as shown.

How to run Denial of Service Attack application:

There are five files in the folder client application, dos attack, filer server, location guard and normal client. User should run server application and then normal client application.

After the connection is established select text book files form the drop down menu from client application setting it to normal mode.

Now we can see the selected text file data can be shown on the display.

Now to check Dos Attack we should run DOS attack file and set ip address. Now we can see there is loss in server connection.

To solve this problem next time we will run Location guard and how client application and server application.

Download Denial of Service Attack Project Source Code in Java