The main function of Desktop Search Engine Project in Java is to allow its users to search for files throughout the Intranet. It also allows the users to specify query using Boolean operators and also allows for searching phrases.

Desktop Search Engine

The following three steps in the process are: 

  • Entering the name, or part of the file to be search,
  • Getting the search results, or receiving the list of found documents back to terminal,
  • Finding the right file, or examining and refining the search results to find the information you were looking for and downloading to our own terminal.

Desktop Search Engine Modules Overview:

This project consists of five modules. They are:

  • Network module
  • Desktop Search module
  • Desktop Share module
  • File Search module
  • File Operations module 

 Functionalities of modules 

Network module

     In the network module, the connection between two terminals is established. The user gives the IP address of the terminal that is to be connected and the remote terminal is connected. Then after the user can perform the functions specified. 

Desktop Search module

     The desktop search module is used to explore the remote terminal’s file system. All the processes of the remote terminal are brought to our computer that is we can explore the remote terminal that is connecting using the given IP address in the previous module.

Desktop Share module

     This module describes that the number of terminals in the network to access the computer that is being used currently.

File Search module

     The file search module gives the information about the file to be searched viz., file name, path of the file in which it is to be searched.

File Operations module

     In this module, the user can perform operations as viewing the file, creating the file and deleting the file in the remote terminal. The user can also download the required file by navigating through the results from the file search.

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