The Distributed cycle minimization protocol (dcmp), a dynamic absolutely decentralized protocol that considerably reduces the duplicate messages via eliminating unnecessary cycles. as queries are transmitted via the friends, dcmp identifies the complex paths and tries to break the cycles at the same time as keeping the connectivity of the network. in order to preserve the fault resilience and cargo balancing properties of unstructured p2p structures, dcmp avoids creating a hierarchical agency. instead, it applies cycle removal symmetrically around some effective friends to keep the common route duration small.

Existing System:

• Simplicity, ease of deployment, and versatility
• Unstructured network topology consists of many cyclic paths
• It simplifies the implementation of huge advert hoc distributed repositories of digital facts.
• Queries are transmitted via the cyclic direction.

• Introduce numerous duplicate messages inside the system
• It devours a big percentage of the bandwidth and other sources
• It reasons bottlenecks in the entire community.

Proposed System:

• Dcmp is dynamic completely decentralized protocol
• Queries are transmitted to the friends
• Dcmp use message flooding to propagate queries
• Dcmp use the method local duplicate removal (nde)
• Dcmp implements the prototype referred to as planet lab


• Hold the fault resilience and cargo balancing
• It keeps away from reproduction messages and repeated messages
• It lessens the quantity of cycle in keeping with a transaction

Download Detecting Duplicate Messages Using DCMP Protocol Project source code.