DES algorithm project  is developed to explain about how security can be provided to data before transmitting data from source to destination on network.

Detailed specification 

The detailed usage, features and functionality of this accounting application are described in this section the fields are also added as per the requirement.

This project is based on networking to send the data to one system to another system. The project contains the following forms or ends

1.  Sending end

2.  Receiving end


In sending end, the user should specify the system name compulsorly in the corresponding text field. After mentioning the system name the user has to type the data in the text area  which has to be sent. Now the user has to specify the encrypt key at the corresponding text field. This encrypt key plays a major role in this project  so, the user has to remember this encrypt key.

After specifying the encript key the user has to press the ENCRYPT button to encript the given data into some meaningless code. After encrypting the data user has to send data by pressing SEND button. Whenever user press the SEND button the encrypted data will be sent to the specified system.


Whenever this end receives data one message will be added to the list box in receiving end. Now the user has to select the message in the listbox and click the SHOW button to view encrypted data. To decrypt the data into  original form user has to specify the  key in the corresponding textfield. If the user types invalid key,  this will display a message labeled as “Invalid key” otherwise it will decrypt the data and displays in the textarea.

Download Digital Encryption Standard Algorithm  project source code and project report.