Digital image enhancement project is part of Digital image processing which will process given images using different filter methods.  There are various filter available like high boost filter, mean filter, median filter, max filter, min filter, rank filter and there are high pass and low pass options are available for user.

Most of the images which are used for enhancement contain of noise.  This can be removed using different enhancement methods.  There are different type of filters which are used for removing noise from images. We can add more features to image like sharpening and smoothing.


Digital Image Enhancement Project

Digital Image Enhancement Project

Image enhancement and filtering method works on comparing neighborhood images pixels and give matching values for sub image which are of same dimensions of neighbor.

Main objective of this application is to demonstrate available filtering techniques and check with image and reduce noise, improve sharpening and smoothing. 

 Introduction To Digital Image Processing:

Interest in digital image processing methods stems from two principal application areas: improvement of pictorial information for human interpretation; and processing of image data for storage, transformation, and representation for autonomous machine perception.

Digital image processing methods are used for improving image quality and reduce size of image for storage and improve in transformation under different environments. Image quality improvement is done by pixel information and processing using filters.

In DIP each image is considered as a two dimensional functions with co ordinates x and y. At any point of image these spatial coordinates are used a gray level of that image at that point. Digital image processing is based on these values in digital computing. 

Software Requirements: 

Operating System                                 Windows NT

Languages                                             Java 2.0, Jsp, Jdbc, Pramati

Application Server 3.0

Web Technologies                                HTML, JavaScript.

Back End                                              Oracle 8.0

Documentation Tool                             Microsoft word 2000


Download    Digital Image Enhancement Project source code in java with project report.